Red Wines

Growler Wine

  • $10 per liter
  • 2013 Bordeaux Blend available for growler fills
  • Bring your own growler or
  • purchase a 2 liter growler from Vizcaya

2013 Tempranillo:  Bottle $29/ Glass $8 (by glass includes tax)

  • Our Tempranillo comes from five estate grown clones.  It is a medium-bodied Spanish red varietal that has pomegranate, cherry, and raspberry aromas.  It has flavors of plum and spice. The finish is smooth with solid tannins. Tempranillo pairs well with all kinds of foods.

2014 Tempranillo

2017 Pinot Gris

2017 Albarino

2017 Syrah

2017 Sonrojo

2018 Elurra (white blend)

2016 Albariño: Bottle $22/ Glass $6 (by glass includes tax)

  • Albariño is a Spanish white varietal.  It is aromatic with a floral bouquet.  A high acid full-bodied wine that exhibits tangy citrus and fresh fruit flavors. The finish is smooth, clean, and crisp with a light, sparkling sensation in the mouth. Albariño pairs great with seafood, but goes well with other kinds of foods.  Our 2016 Vintage is 55% from our Vizcaya Winery and 45% from Naches Heights Vineyard in Washington.

2017 Elurra: Bottle $14/ Glass $6 (by glass includes tax)

  • Elurra is a proprietary white blend.  It is fresh and clean with  fresh melon flavors. The finish is smooth.  It pairs well with sweet meats and is an excellent sipping wine with crackers and cheese (I like smoked Gouda Cheese with it).

2017 Sonrojo: Bottle $20/ Glass $6 (by glass includes tax)

  • Our 2017 Sonrojo is a dry Rose' of Grenache.  It is clean and crisp with  fresh fruit flavors. The finish is smooth.  It pairs well with chicken, but it is excellent for on the patio with cheese and crackers.


Now Available

Vizcaya wines from Windy Ridge Estate Vineyard

  • 2013 Tempranillo
  • 2014 Malbec
  • 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2015 Windy Ridge Red
  • 2015 Merlot
  • 2016 Pinot Gris 
  • 2017 Sonrojo (Rose')
  • 2017 Elurra (white blend)

Vizcaya wines from Vizcaya vineyard and Naches Heights

  • 2016 Albariño

2016 Pinot Gris: Bottle $17/ Glass $6 (by glass includes tax)

  • Pinot Gris has similar DNA to Pinot Noir and is thought to be its genetic off-spring.  The berries are red, but it is a white wine.  From our Windy Ridge Estate vineyard, this Pinot Gris is has a full lush flavor laden with apple and pear.  It pairs well with poultry and pork.

2015 Merlot:  Bottle $24/ Glass $8 (by glass includes tax)

  • Our 2015 Merlot is made with grapes from Red Haven vineyard on Red Mountain. Full body with a hint of cranberry.  The finish is long and ends with a touch of smoked gouda.


Vizcaya Winery

8987 S Greenhurst Rd

White/Rose' Wines

2014 Malbec:  Bottle $27/ Glass $8 (by glass includes tax)

  • Malbec is a French red varietal.  It is a lush full-bodied wine with tons of ripe fruit and juicy berry flavors. Our 2014 Malbec has wonderful fruit forward. The finish is long and intense.Malbec pairs with bold flavored foods.

2015 Windy Ridge Red:  Bottle $28/ Glass $8 (by glass includes tax)

  • WWR is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, and Syrah.  It is a complex wine with a touch of blackberry and orange rind flavors. The finish is long and intense.

~ Future Wines ~

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon:  Bottle $25/ Glass $8 (by glass includes tax)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon is a genetic cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. It is full-bodied with black currant, coffee and dark chocolate flavors. The finish is long and smooth. Cabernet pairs good with foods high in fat and savory flavors.